Ocracoke NC Paintings

Pamlico Sound 
Pastel on treated paper

Ocracoke Lighthouse
Pastel on treated paper

Silver Lake
Pastel on treated paper

Daisy Day at Corrigan's Field 2013

                                "Daisy Day at Corrigan's Field"   22x30 pastel on treated paper

This painting done in pastel was  just recently completed. It was produced plein air on location back in May and prints are available starting at $250. My prints and most of my originals are also available simply by contacting me at my e-mail or phone.

Forksville Covered Bridge , 1987

12x18 pastel

Lake Akela pastel 2011

22x30 pastel on treated paper
Giclee prints are available by contacting the artist at dannylcurry@gmail.com

Dyer's Hill Sunset (1991)

22"x42" - pastel on canvas

A giclee print of "Dyer's Hill Sunset 1991" was selected for purchase and display at the new tower project at the Williamsport location of the Susquehanna Health System. This painting has been scanned by Lizza Studios and a Giclee print is now available.   Please contact the artist by e-mail at dannylcurry@gmail.com to request  purchase information and different sizes are available.


Stephen Becker MD (2010)

26" x 38" - pastel on treated board

Forksville Covered Bridge

The original of this pastel work, approximately 26" x 42," was stolen in 1994. It is still missing.
Litho Print $75.00

Deir El-Bahri (2008)

30" x 40" - pastel on canvas

Cairo Tower (2006)

9"x12" - pastel on paper

Sunrise at West Nubian Mt. (2006)

9" x 12" - watercolor on paper