Cairo Opera House Exhibition

Seen above are the artists participating in the Cairo Exhibit

I networked with Marietta Dantonio-Fryer when we joined other US Artists/Educators for an International Art Exhibition at the Cairo Opera House in Cairo, Egypt in September of 2006. Nabil Makar, an Egyptian Artist living in the US planned, coordinated and participated in the exhibit. One of our Egyptian colleagues, Makram Henien, provided the following statement in the program guide for the exhibit:

"Yes, the world now needs more than any time else a revolution for peace between citizens, a revolution right, goodness, beauty, the return of the missed love between people, accepting the other, reserving the humanity values, keeping away from racial discrimination, and destructive ethnicity, so all of us need the creation of the artist, not only one but for thousands of them to support these values into the emotion of human beings.

The art is an international language which surpasses the imaginaly geographical borders and carried out through eyes to the memory.

The feeling that the artist spread making a marvelous dialogue between him and the others.
The simple means of the artist to achieve this are: font, colouer, area, mass, and space which can not be activated in the receiver unless the artist coat them with his feelings, vision, thoughts, his special style, the depth of his talent, and his own instinct

In this meeting, all the artists meet together to show their work with all respectfully, and kindly. They want to create a base that implies hope for people, and an invitation for meeting each other and working together for achieving the great goals. All the artist in the world condemn the wars, and hate racial discrimination murder, terrorism, termination, and all other terrible crimes of this age.

This meeting represents an opening on these principles, which is presented by a group of Egyptian artists who live in The States with their prominent American colleagues.

We also should appreciate the great effort made by the great artist Nabeel Makkar who is one of the first emigrant Egyptian artists to The States, who was able to form this group aims to communicate among different civilizations."

Makram Henien
Art consultant for AL-Ahram

The translation of Mr. Henien's statement from Arabic to English was indeed interesting to see; however, I would submit that some simple mistakes in the wording occurred and I chose not to edit his quote in order to correct this. For the sake of clarity in his beautiful statement I would substitute the word imaginary with imaginaly. And in the second to the last paragraph I believe Mr. Henien meant to indicate that the meeting was between a group of Egyptian artists from Egypt who were able to meet with American colleagues which included a native Egyptian, Nabil Makar, who is a US citizen and was our mutual connection to this event. Mr. Makar also included as participants, US artists who were natives of European and Asian countries.

Top photo: Bob , Marietta , Dan and Joel at the Great Pyrimids at Gisa.
Bottom: The same group in front of step pyrimid at Saqarra